Lean Coaching

Lean Leadership Coaching | Lean Problem Solving | Lean Tools | Lean Six Sigma Basic Awareness Training
“Learning by Doing is the only way I know how to learn”-Tony Fadell.

Lean Coaching Overview

Electrify aims to empower partners to expedite their journey towards excellence with a customized Lean Training program. Electrify Provides customized Lean training, coaching, and facilitation support while helping them build the culture of continuous improvement that could be self-sustained. Electrify strongly believes in the principle of EACH ONE TECH ONE philosophy, and hence we coach you to coach! Our LEARNING BY DOING approach includes engaging with partners at all organizational levels. Electrify’s ability to adopt lean concepts based on specific organizational needs is what makes us unique in the field of Lean consulting service. Our training workshops are fun, hands-on, challenging, and require the engagement of everyone who is part of it.

Electrify’s Lean Coaching Solutions

Our Practical, Hand-on & on-site training approach is what differentiates us from our clients. Our tailor-made training material designed to suit the audience is what makes a preferred coaching partner. Should you have a resource constraint, we could act as an independent source and drive the improvement in your facilities as well. We aim to eventually develop your leaders and front-line teams as a “Change Agent” and hence, to strengthen your internal capabilities. We can also help you set up, support, and coach your members through mini kaizen workshops and quick workshops. This should work as a warm-up routine before we get into full-fledge lean coaching and implementation cycles. Let’s not forget that lean six sigma is System driven by improvements so, we must use a holistic approach to drive improvements.

Core Lean Coaching Areas

• Lean Tools
• Lean Six Sigma Basic Awareness Training
• Lean Leadership Coaching
• Problem Solving
  1. Lean Six Sigma Basic Awareness Training
    This would be 1-2 days of on-site Lean Six Sigma Awareness training designed for Business Leaders and functional managers. This Introductory session includes basic Lean principles and tools that help your leadership team and Functional manager visualize the Lean Six Sigma tools as a weapon to gain strategic advantages and improve business KPIs.The purpose of this session is not to understand Lean tools and definitions in detail but to visualize the benefits of lean philosophy from a business perspective.

    Main agenda for the Basic awareness training
    • Introduction to Lean Philosophy
    • Introduction to Lean Philosophy
    • Detailed discussion on your business problems and how lean concepts could solve them.

  2. Lean Leadership Coaching
    Our flagship program is designed to develop lean leaders and internal trainers with the skills and knowledge required to inspire, lead and build the culture of continuous improvement within your organization. This would serve as a foundation of the Lean transformation journey. It’s not only about the lean tools and their deployment but also about the Management Systems, Daily practices, and mindset that help develop and sustain the culture of Continuous Improvement.

    Main Agenda for Lean Leadership Coaching Events
    • Introduction of Lean Philosophy
    • Comprehensive training on Lean Management systems
    • Comprehensive training on Lean Tools (Learning by Doing via pilot projects)
    • Comprehensive training on Sustainment of Improvements

  3. Lean Problem Solving Coaching
    The Purpose of this coaching segment is to build a structured approach within your organization to eliminate the root cause and solve the business problems via Lean tools and methodologies. Usually, Lean Problem-Solving workshops are 1-2 days, hands-on training sessions that include a systematic approach for problem identification and resolving them via Lean root cause analysis tools such as 5-Why, A3, 8D. This session is perfect for functional managers and Team leaders of your organization.

    Main Agenda for Lean problem-Solving coaching.
    • Introduction to Systematic approach of problem-solving
    • Comprehensive training on different Lean problem-solving tools such as 5-why, A3 and 8D
    • Implement these tools via pilot program (Learning by Doing via pilot Project)