Hardware Engineering

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Hardware Engineering Overview

In a world of fierce competition, innovative and customized hardware design is a need of an hour for any product. With Electrify’s innovative hardware designs, manufacturing, and testing techniques, we have successfully delivered best-in-class hardware engineering solutions for our clients in various industries. Electrify ensures that the highest graded processors, microcontrollers, and different hardware parts are designated to manufacture your product. We handpick each component that goes into producing your product. Our team of hardware consultants selects the most appropriate components, right from the processor platforms to the microcontrollers. We help with purchase power optimization, and also provide certification support. We also provide production support with our partners’ ecosystems and deliver prime-notch embedded hardware solutions.

Hardware Engineering Life Cycle

Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering Service Offerings

  • Product Architecture & Design
  • Hardware Prototype Development & Testing
  • Component Benchmarking and Selection
  • Value Engineering
  • BoM Optimization
  • Component Obsolescence Management
  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • High-Speed digital design
  • RF And Antenna Design
  • Schematic Entry & Documentation
  • Low powered battery operated Design
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Design Review and Consulting
  • Certification and Compliance
  • Mechanical design/Enclosure designing for products
  • Designing IoT edge nodes, sensors, and hardware interfaces
  • Re-engineered customized solutions